Ethernet Adapters

Intel Ethernet Market Positioning

Intel is recognized as a leader and innovator of Ethernet products, with controllers and adapters from 1 to100GbE, delivering unique capabilities to address customer needs. Intel delivers new technologies and products acrossmultiple market segments that demand high performance.Intel is further differentiated in the market by providing outstanding global customer support and a limited lifetime warranty for its retail Ethernet products.



Efficient, predictable, high-performance networks for key workloads More predictable performance for key applications

Application Device Queues (ADQ) technology prioritizes network services and
shapes network traffic to deliver more-predictable application response times,
reduced latency, and increased throughput for high-priority applications from
the edge to the cloud.

Storage and HPC applications
Supports iWARP and RoCEv2 RDMA and NVMe over TCP with ADQ to
provide customer choice and speed latency-sensitive workloads, including
hyperconverged storage and HPC.



Designed for today’s enterprise and cloud-scale environments, Broadcom’s Ethernet network adapters are the ideal solution for high-performance
virtualization, intelligent flow processing, secure data center connectivity, and machine learning.
Available in PCIe NIC and OCP mezzanine 2.0 and 3.0 form factors, Broadcom’s Ethernet network adapters support configurations ranging from
1G to 200G, and utilizing both optical and copper connectivity.
• Low power adapters and controllers with outstanding thermal performance
• Low latency and high throughput RoCEv2 delivers ground-breaking performance for machine learning, HPC and storage applications
• Broadsafe™ embedded security provides Silicon Root of Trust and attestation delivering industry’s most secure Ethernet controller
• Modern architecture delivers industry’s lowest latency and lowest CPU utilization for real-world network conditions
• TruFlow™ engine accelerates virtual switch processing, reduces server CPU usage
• TruManage™ addresses end-user manageability needs to allow fine-tuning of networks for maximum performance
• On-chip tunneling protocol processing for Geneve, VXLAN, and NVGRE provides up to a 5x throughput increase
• Acceleration engines for SDN and NFV enable leading-edge service provider solutions


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