Computer on modules

In Eastronics we have Kontron’s COM Express with processors of Intel.

This COMe comes in 3 standard form factors:

The mini form factor (84 x 55mm), the compact form factor (95 x 95mm) and the basic form factor (125 x 95mm) and 3 type of pin-out. Type 7, 6 and 10.

The COM Express pin-out Type 6 is a versatile standard, offering a broad range of I/O interfaces including intense graphics support, Digital Display Interfaces (DisplayPort, HDMI) and super-fast USB 3.0 to serve diverse application requirements of various market segments.

The COM Express pin-out Type 7 is a complementary specification to the existing Type 6 pin-out. It replaces graphics support by offering multiple 10GbE-KR ports and defining 32 PCIe lanes. The Type 7 is an ideal definition to design server-grade platforms for applications requesting high data and network throughput.

The COM Express pin-out Type 10 definition in the mini form factor (84 x 55mm) is well-suited to match the features and performance requirements of the embedded market segments, delivering ultra-small solutions.

If you want a shorter time-to-market, the COMe is the ideal solution.

Here in Eastronics, you will get full support for your design, including: datasheets, drivers, and schematics files.


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